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Placing an order

Placing an order is easy. All you need to do is get in touch and let us know the following:

  • The items you would like to order

  • The size, colour and quantity of each item

  • Details of any branding or customisation that you would like embroidered on any items

We will let you know we’ve received your enquiry, and will provide you with a quotation.

Your order will only be confirmed upon your written acceptance of the quote. Please don’t hesitate to make as many enquiries as you wish - there is no commitment to purchase until you accept a quote from us.

Delivery Men

In the neighbourhood?

If you are in the Pemba area, we would also be happy to meet with you. You might find it helpful to tell us in more detail about your specific needs. We can show you samples of our products, answer any questions you might have, and advise on which items from our range will offer you the best value. Our goal is to ensure that you are 100% satisfied with your purchase.  Being able to see, feel and try on items is so beneficial.

Visit us upstairs at the Total garage on Av 25 de Setembro, close to VIP supermarket.  We are excited about being able to showcase samples of our products.


Our embroidery facilities are also be on hand - whether you want logos stitched on your Insect Shield items purchased from Mata Bichos, or on other pre-purchased garments and uniforms, we will be happy to assist.

Payment & Delivery

Payment is simple. We currently accept payments in USD or Meticais - by cash, cheque (if drawn in Mozambique), or bank transfer.  We deliver to all Mozambican locations, as well as throughout Southern and East Africa.  Delivery in Pemba is included FREE of charge.

General Terms & Conditions

  • All prices listed correspond to the price LANDED in Pemba, Mozambique

  • Prices do NOT include IVA (Mozambican VAT at 17%).  We will present your quote including IVA / VAT.

  • Prices are for regularly stocked items and are subject to change without notice.

  • Prices are for standard items only.  The cost of embroidered branding / customisation will be determined by the size, number of stitches and complexity of the embroidery application.  We will discuss this with you in more detail while we finalise your order.

  • Delivery within the Pemba area is included FREE of charge.  For other locations, the cost of transport from Pemba is the responsibility of the purchaser.
    Delivery times are estimated at the time fo confirming your order and are subject to change.

  • Payment terms are defined during the order process.  For customised orders, Mata Bichos Lda normally requires 100% payment in advance.  

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